HP printer is not a new name now for anyone in the world. Almost every next person whether it is office going employee, graduate student, kid or even non-working woman are using it more often in day to day life. They wish to print their schedules, documents, painting and much more with the help of HP printer. And generally, users perform these task on their favorite Microsoft operating system. However, many of them nowadays wish to experience quite a different sort of operating system named Ubuntu and likes to take print even from it also. This guide aims to showcase the steps and process for installation of HP printer on their Ubuntu OS for smooth printing and publishing documents. Most of the problem arises is the unavailability of suitable HP printer drivers for Ubuntu OS but this guide will help the users to understand the process of HP printer installation step-by-step.

‘HPLIP’ software is the solution

As we know that, Ubuntu is a based on Linux. HP has introduced a magnificent software named ‘HLIP’ for LINUX printing, scanning and fax activities. The latest version available at the moment is 2.8.9 and it supports 1.445 models of HP Printers. Users have to identify the model of the printer (which they can check in the given list of HP printer model series on hp website) before installing the printer in their gadget. However, every Ubutu OS already contains a default software of HPLIP. The user can check its status on their OS by just typing a command on the terminal ‘dpkg -1 hplip’ and can get the info about it. In the event that the installed version of HPLIP is the older and lower that the minimum version that you require, continue perusing, or skip to the next passage about the installation of a printer.

How to install HP printer on your Ubuntu is now revealed.

Although the drive/software of hplip is automatically installed, or the user can write the command “sudo hp-setup”, and can arrive at the core installation. (feeling puzzeled don’t worry just call HP tech support number 1-844-561-9945 for advice and solution.
Here a short synopsis of the steps to be performed to get an HP printer setup on Ubuntu OS.
First, user has to select the “connection Type” (typically USB) and tap on Next
Now, the user has to select the printer between the auto discovered ones and tap on Next (if no printer is shown, choose/tick Find manually)
User now have to click on Next on the 2 following pages
Now they have to click on ‘Finish’ to compelete the installation process and sit tight for the print of the test page.

HP customer service number is toll free and it gives instant resolutions

Ubuntu is not an easy OS to understand as it is based on linux and its funtions are not similar to Microsoft OS. And that’s a big reason that many of the users feel it difficult to install HP printer on their Ubuntu OS. But no worries HP provides you the full support for all such type of issues. You only have to make sure that whenever you find techncial issues you just need to call our toll-free number 1-844-561-9945 for a quick resolution and much more support for a decent period of time. This number is 24X7 and support is on forever for precious users of Ubuntu and HP printer.

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